GROUND - Description of a relation between body and object, 2008.

Daniela's work is based on a fundamental interest for the body. With that as a starting point, she examines the body's impact on the human psyche and well-being. The body's encounter with different surfaces, materials and shapes are experiences that Daniela investigates and highlights from a physical, psychological and symbolic perspective.

Daniela Hedman

Årsta Skolgränd 14B
117 43 Stockholm, Sweden.

phone: +46 (0)762 303 307

Curriculum Vitae

Daniela Hedman was born in 1979. She works
and lives in Stockholm, Sweden.
Daniela started her studies in jewellery in 2002
at Holbaek Kunsthojskole, Holbaek, Denmark.
She continued her studies in silversmithing at Nyckelviksskolan, Stockholm, Sweden. In the
years between 2003-2008 she took a Bachelor’s
and a Master’s Degree at Konstfack, Ädellab -
jewellery and corpus, Stockholm, Sweden.

Since her graduation she has participated in
exhibitions and publications in Sweden and abroad.

Her main focus is jewellery making but she also
works with different media to fully express herself
in the field of contemporary jewellery.